Lessons From Denrele Edun's Success Story

A few days back, June 10th actually, Denrele took to instagram to share his breakthrough experience.

It was the official premiere of a movie,  "The Widow". The red carpet was to be hosted by another person but because she was busy, Denrele was called to fill in. He was offered no financial reward, however, he raced down to the venue and in the process, lost his phone. But he was in time to start the show and his first guest was the former first lady of Lagos state,  Chief Oluremi Tinubu. He said it was while interviewing her that he got to know what the show was about, he didn't even know from the start. Denrele was not composed, he had lost his phone. He didn't know what the event was about, but he was able to pull it off.

Now, imagine he didn't see himself as capable, he would have lost out big time. The excuses would be something like

* I don't even know what the event is about.

* I am not ready. How will I interview all these celebrities without preparing my questions and memorizing them?

* I'm not well dressed for such events
* Oh, I've lost my phone. Abeg, let them keep their event jor.

* They are not paying, how do they want me to feed? Stingy rich people. Mtcheww.

Truth is, the rich will only let go of his/her hard earned money if they believe you are fit to have it. Denrele proved, beyond doubt, that he was fit.


* Think Smart, Act Smart: If Mr. Edun was trying to be intelligent, looking for paper and Biro to scribble down questions and memorize them before interviewing the guests, he would have missed it. The guests would have long been inside the venue and won't even notice him. The channel will stamp him with a poor report card. 
To be successful, we need to be able to think fast and execute while on our feet. Don't just execute, execute smartly.

* Recognise Opportunities: Mr. Edun didn't know what the event was about, but he knew that interviews were his thing. He made himself available and it was during his first interview he got to know he was truly about to hit gold. The event turned out to be what he needed for his break through. That day, he interviewed over a hundred celebrities and the interview was just the kind the channel wanted.

* Money is not everything: If Denrele had insisted on payment before accepting the job, he would have been sidestepped and another would have grabbed his opportunity. There is a great man I know that once told me, 'there is no vacancy anywhere. What you call vacancy is what someone left and hundreds of people are fighting for it. People will continue to vacate positions and others will continue to fill it. Play your cards well."
My dears, what are you waiting for? Shine your eyes. There are opportunities all around you. The only reason why your neighbour is succeeding and you're not is because you haven't tapped into the opportunities around you. Remember, the rich will only give you their money, if you give them what they want. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Have a blessed new week ahead.