MTN - Don't Follow Me Everywhere I Go

Mtn na wa. Seriously. I subscribed for the #100 daily data subscription. I needed it for my small phone so I could do some research. After all was done, I searched for the code to stop automatic renewal. But it was nowhere to be found. Since Thursday till this morning I have been searching online for the code as well as calling their customer care line. Of course they didn't pick. Why would they when they know I want to stop them from taking more of my airtime.

It was during my search online I got tired of a lot of Nigerian bloggers. Not all of them, but most of them. One person writes that you send NO to 131 to stop automatic subscription. The others copy and paste it to their blogs without carrying out their own research to know if it truly works. Some blog posts were as old as 2013, 2014 and 2015. I finally came across one that was posted in January 2016. I was so disappointed when the post was saying the same thing as the very old posts. 

So I thought, maybe something is wrong. Either my line isn't recognized by MTN when it comes to stopping data renewals, or majority of those bloggers are copy and paste thieves who simply sat in their rooms and painted stories around what they copied, so as to make it look real. Its possible they have no idea how to end auto renewal of MTN's daily data plan.

I say the above because I sent NO, countless times to 131 and I received, countless times, messages that insist the format is invalid. Before they rob me again. I have transfered the balance to another mtn line that is free of daily N100 renewals.

MTN, everywhere you go. Please don't follow me to the other line sha. Leave my airtime alone 😤