Our Children Need Us

So, I came across this post on nairaland:

Teenage Girl Shares After Sex Video With Her Boyfriend on Her Facebook Wall

This is really disheartening. This young girl who goes by the name Teddy Skitt on Facebook shared a short video earlier today. In the video, she was with a guy, both sitting on a bed and had only towels around their waists; they were both as good as Unclad. According to her bio, she lives in Port Harcourt but hails from Imo State. The young girl captioned the video: "Good morning. Boo made my night. I love u baby". 

The question everyone had been asking is, "whose daughter is this girl?" This is a call to parents, please know what your children are doing behind closed doors. 

Only God knows what even gave such a little girl such confidence to post an "after sex" video online while she didn't mind if anyone is watching.. 


Teddy Skitt is a name we won't forget in a hurry. A good thing its not her real name.  I would so love to go on and in about how irresponsible she is, what are her parents are doing about her lose ways and why the so called boy friend should be barred from ruining the girl's life any further. But I won't.  I won't because a lot of people have said all those. I don't need to repeat their words. The point here is to learn from Teddy Skitt's mistake and try to ensure our own children don't do such.

As a growing child, my dad would constantly hold night meetings with us. Yes, we were kids, but the words he spoke to us during those early years made us what we are. Those words worked in us and prevented us from participating in a lot of crazy things some of our friends were involved in. 

The bible says, train a child the way he/she should grow and when he is old, he won't depart from it.  If you spare the rod, you most definitely have spoilt the child. Most importantly, we should not stop praying for our children to grow into responsible adults. It is for the training of my children that I long decided that I will be self employed. I trust no house help or relatives to care for my child the way I will and so I have to ensure that while I work,  I am also available. Paid employment won't give me much freedom.

I remember a child, about 3 years old, whose parents wanted to give him the best things money can buy. They both worked in a bank. As early as 6 o,clock, they left for work. Before leaving, they handed their little boy over to their neighbor who happened to teach in the school the boy attended. This neighbor/teacher took it upon herself to finished dressing the boy up, as his mother sometimes couldn't finish with him before running off to work. The neighbor then took him to school. She cared for him in school, ensured he ate his lunch and after school hours, she took him home. She bathed him, changed his clothes, did his home work with him and played with him before putting him to sleep. At about 8:30PM, sometime 9:00PM, his parents retuned. They'll take him home and put him on his bed to continue his sleep.  The next morning, the rat race continues.

This went on for a very long time. Then one day, the mother came to the teacher and complained. She said her son never obeyed her. That aside, he respected the teacher more, and loved to spend time with her. He does whatever she, the teacher, asked him to do. The mother wanted the teacher to tell her how she did it. It was then the teacher pointed out the issue to the mother. At first it made no sense to her, but after thinking it through, she saw reasons. 

If you can't form a bond with your child, then how do you expect him/her to tell you what happens in their world? Their affairs becomes none of your business. Who they hang out with or where they hang out doesn't concern you. And when you don't know anything your child is doing, all because there's no bond and you're not there to look into what your child is doing, you can't advise. The child won't even listen to you.

Please, parents and guardians, let's give more time and more love to our children, only then can we give the necessary advise that will help shapen their lives in the right direction.

As for Teddy Skirt, that video of after sex with her boyfriend might come around to bite her backside later in future. I hope she can handle the pressure then. Although she has taken down the video, I saw a comment that indicates that a lot of people have already downloaded it and some, especially bloggers have uploaded it in their blogs.

A word they say, is enough for the wise.