Relationship Wahala - Series 2

I came across this thread on Nairaland. I read and picked the first four points that struck me. First, the poster shouldn't have insulted his girl. When you tell someone, you are mad, expect a reply of, you are crazy. Its call and response. He must have said hurtful things to her first. And women, please, I know how emotional we get, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't watch what we say. I remember the bitter quarrels I had with my ex before and during our separation. He still praises the fact that no matter my anger and yelling, I only made my points. I never threw a word of insult. Yes, I have to praise my self for that. I developed it after series of beating, as a growing child, from my brothers and mum, especially. Lol. They taught me to watch my tongue and watching our tongue does save us a lot of headaches afterwards.

For this quarrel though, both of them are wrong and the guy should stop claiming baddo. As for the other commenters.. Na wa o!  Please read below before I say my thoughts on that

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Ladies. Watch Your Tongue. I Stopped Caring For Her After She Said This by  alexistaiwo: 9:14am On Jun 14

My girlfriend and I got into a hot argument last month which degenerated into a break up. During the argument, lots of hurtful words were exchanged but she made the fatal error of saying that she is managing me. This is a girl that I literally 'toshed up' and I had provided all her needs from 2014 we started dating up to that point. 
Two weeks later, she came back begging to be accepted back. she said she said those words out of provocation since I was the one that insulted her first. As a sure guy, I accepted her back but made a promise to my self that I will never spend a substantial amount of my money on her again since it seems that she is the ungrateful type.
Her love for me isn't in doubt but guys wise up. Don't go bankrupt because of a girl, at the end of the day she will say that you haven't done anything.

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queencalipso(f): But you just said you guys were having an argument when she said the word. Didn't you say hurtful things to her too? And to think you even insulted her first. If you can't take her back wholly please let her go.

You are here now forming boss because she came to beg you without considering the hurtful things you said to her too that made her say those words to you.

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eiBADAn: Guy, well said. If you do 99 things for a girl, it's the one thing you didn't that she would remember. If I make 300k a month, her personal budget is already over half of it and when there's an argument, she remembers one stupid thing I didn't buy or get for her, I'm talking about my gf. What do I do in my own case? She's not working cuz she's still searching. Let's assume I have 700k now, her budget would be 450k when I finish calculating expenses. She would do hair, change nails, buy makeup, but expensive creams, buy new clothes even tho she just bought few weeks back. She wants to send money to her mom, to her sister, to her brother. She's owing her friend, she has to pay. I do all these and the smallest argument we have, she would suddenly remember one stupid thing I didn't buy for her. How long do I keep up with these. O ti su mi o.

In response to eiBADAn.

UIA04 (f): If all you said is the truth 
I'm sorry to say but

If all you said is the truth 
I'm sorry to say but


i if you marry such a lady you'll live your life spending on her and her family. 

That girl must be lazy and shameless. 

Do you really earn that much,a wise woman would take that money save and start a business of hers. What if you guys break up. She'll be left high and dry. I bet she already has a back up plan for her lazy lifestyle if you guys break up. But you aren't aware of it. 

A girl like that can't depend on one guy, because of oju kokoro. 

I laugh in spiritual powers. You even give her family and she's just a girlfriend. 

If I was you younger sister I'll curse you. 

Please wise up teach her to catch fish or you will marry a liability and suffer all your life.

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eiBADAn (m): Honestly, there is no lie in all I said. I'm not trying to brag, but my dad is a billionaire and she knows this. I'm currently planning to leave the country to further my studies for the benefits of the family company. I had to apply for a visa for her which was refused. A blessing in disguise I must say. Now she wants me to try again. I have dropped her sisters CV with my dad tho he doesn't know them. She wants me to buy her brother a phone. Also my expensive wristwatch she wants me to dash her brother. Some times when we argue, she would be like, don't forget we are not married o. That got me thinking a lot. I talk to her mom so I don't know how to dump her without much hassles. I have a very soft heart which she's capitalizing on. I love and I'm sad as I'm typing this. I don't know what to do.

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Beamborla (f): run for your life... i repeat, run! if you've got short legs, borrow some long legs and run...don't look

Hahahahahaha.... Chineke mo
I can imagine eiBANAn running without looking back. But seriously, ladies, stop embarrassing us na. I know the economy is hard. Biko, get a job or start a business and stop being a liability. My dad has always taught me: When you collect anything from a man, you are automatically in dept and he would take payment in kind, hardly cash. Depending on the kind of man though. Those words have guided me right from my junior secondary school days. I hope it guides someone too. And guys, after spending like this, you'll come online and call all girls thief abi? I dey observe. eiBADAn should better take the last advice above and run for his life. That girl is out to get all she can, nothing more.

Abi how you see am? 
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