They Shouldn't Decide For You

She loved him only, and their marriage blossomed,
He loved her only, she was his priceless jewel,
They had two handsome kids,
Everyone admired their home and relationship,
But, in an unguarded moment, it happened.
Her attention shifted,
And her husband was thrown to the background.
She suddenly loved the church more,
She has high regard for the pastor more,
She respects the pastor's right hand men/women more,
So much so, that she placed everything before them,
She discussed private family issues with them,
She discussed disagreement between her husband and her, with them,
She complained bitterly every now and then.
They advised her,
They told her not to agree with him,
They told her not to support his business ideas too,
When he insisted on going through with the ideas,
The pastor and his right hand men made her husband stand before them.
They read out rules and regulations to him,
They told him, your wife is always right.
To let peace reign, he agreed,
My wife is always right, he said.
Then the pastor's right hand men went behind and invested heavily in those same business they stopped the man from investing in. 
He found out about it and tried to open his wife's eyes to the reality of things,
But no, to her, the men were too good to do such,
They would never do such, she defended them.
Its been over two years now,
Things have not changed.
He calls family members to help settle issues between himself and his wife,
But she takes no one's advise,
Only the church can settle us, she says.
He has gotten to the point of total misery,
He has been frustrated by his wife,
Stabbed severely by the church,
Now he considers divorce, after beating the day light out of her of course.
"No, I can't" he pulls his anger under control
I am not a woman beater.
He has a business, but she has seized it,
Ordering the staff not to let her husband take money from the company,
But she takes as she likes.
A business he built, from the scratch, is no longer his.
A house he built, from the scratch, is no longer his.
The trouble around him is much.
His wife laughs. She has succeeded in dealing with him.
The pastor backs her,
The pastor's right hand men support her,
The marriage is almost ruined, only hanging on a thin thread.
As an eye witness, I watch from a close distance,
Sympathizing with her husband, crying for her actions.
I pray for them and their kids.
I know that by the time she realizes what she has done, it would be too late.
She would cry, she would roll on the ground and beg,
But he would say no,
Because he would have moved on.
She doesn't know it yet,
But with help from the church, she has destroyed her once happy home.
I believe she would regret it forever.

Moral lesson:

* Never allow a third party in your marriage, especially when it has to do with you and your husband. 

* The church shouldn't tell you how to make love to your wife or husband.

* The church shouldn't tell you how many kids to have.

* The church shouldn't tell you what business is good or not good for you.

* The church shouldn't settle your quarrels.

* The church shouldn't tell you what school your children should attend.

* The church shouldn't tell you when or when not to travel.

* If the church must settle your quarrels, ensure its a settlement that puts smiles on the faces of both parties. If not, then their help isn't needed

* The church shouldn't be the decision maker in your home.

I am a Christian, but I should be allowed to make my own decisions. God himself gives us freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, etc. 

Note: The above story is no fiction, it is real. I just didn't know how else to write it. Its not written as a poem, its not written as a story. The important thing is to read and learn from it. 

I wish you all a happy Friday.