Win – Your Publishing Costs Covered in Full

I recently came across the above titled competition. It is organised by Nick Stephenson, author of 'Your First 10,000 readers, and Reedsy, an online marketplace and community that connects you with freelance publishing pros. 

The whole idea is to assist authors with funds for their works. You could need funding for editing, book cover design, marketing etc. This competition will give the needed funds to four lucky winners. I won't bore you with too much stories, just read the rules below and decide if this is for you.

The rules are simple:

* Once you've entered your details, you'll get a confirmation email with your "lucky URL"

* Share your Lucky URL with your friends, followers, and mailing list to earn extra points (and extra chances of winning)

* The winners will be announced towards the end of July 2016 – one winner will win $3,000 of Reedsy credit, 3 runners up will win $600

* The winners will have a free profile created for them on and the prize money will be credited to their account, which they can spend on any of Reedsy's approved service providers.

* The more you share your Lucky URL and the more people you refer to the giveaway, the higher your chance of winning. The full terms and conditions are available on the giveaway page, but here are a few common FAQs:

Q: Do I have to purchase anything to enter?

A: No.

Q: Is Reedsy a publisher? Do I have to sign my rights over?

A: No. Reedsy is an online marketplace and community that connects you with freelance publishing pros, many of whom also work with Big 5 publishing houses. The work is freelance, and you keep all your rights and royalties and complete control over your finished books.

Q: Is this for English Language books only?

A: You can use your prize to hire any of Reedsy's professionals. Some of whom may be able to accommodate non-English editing and proofing. You can also use your prizes to hire cover design, formatting, and interior design work, which may not be language-dependent.

Q: So, I don't pay a penny for the work?

A: No. Up to a pre-determined limit. More details on the giveaway page.

Q: Is there a cash alternative?

A: No. The prize money will be credited to your Reedsy account (which is free to set up) and no cash alternatives or swaps are permitted.

Q: Can anyone enter?

A: So long as you don't currently live in a country or territory that prohibits Sweepstakes then yes, anyone over the age of 18 can enter. For full details, check the Terms.

Q: How do I increase my chances of winning?

A: Share your "Lucky URL" with as many people as possible. If you have a social media following and / or email list, make sure to tell them about it using your special link – which you'll get as soon as you enter.

Q: What do I do next?

A: Two things:

(2) Leave a comment below the article located here. and tell us: "What's the number 1 thing you'd spend more money on in YOUR business if you could?"

I wish you all the best of luck