A Major Lesson From Irvin Randle's Sudden Fame

The first time I saw his pictures, I wowed. As in, a loud wow! Seriously? At 54? His body build and dress sense is totally different from what we see with a lot of grandpas. 

Irvin Randle is a name that recently became popular after his pictures went viral. According to an interview he granted, someone who admired his cool appearance approached him and asked to post his pictures online and he gave the go ahead. Within few minutes of posting, the pictures had 30k plus likes. Later in the week, he had over a million likes just from Nigeria alone. So started his fame as a celebrity. He's stature as a 54 years old man is amazing. On his Facebook fan page, he posted that exercises, drinking lots of water, not smoking and having safe sex are those things that helped him maintain a ruggedly handsome appearance.

The first time I checked out his fan page, Irvin Randle had about 200k plus likes. So I added mine to it. Lol. By Sunday morning, , he had 500k plus. Right now he has 600k plus likes. In the interview he granted, he said he isn't finding it easy handling all the love and positive comments.

Why I'm I writing this? A lot of us have been on the net for a long time, trying to get seen and wanting to be read. But we haven't hit over night success like this dear grandpa. Well, I won't say overnight success because he spent his entire youth preparing for the fame he has now. Although, he never knew it until it happened. My point is, how do we get seen? How do we get the kind of acceptance that helps our product or business?

I have been following a few other people. Although they haven't reached overnight fame, they are growing fast. Why? They applied the same principle grandpa Irvin Randle unknowingly used.

I've come to understand that pictures or videos have more effect on people than just writing. What they can see and instantly relate with, matters a lot, as long as its not boring. If you notice, this same principle is what is used by our celebrities. They have more pictures and videos than written works posts on their fan pages, twitter or instagram pages. Don't forget it was a professional photoshoot by TY Bello that brought about Olajumoke's fame, after she strolled past with her bread on her head.

The Facebook team understands this principle, hence they created an option for video comments. You can now  post a video comment of yourself if you don't feel like writing.

So, if you want overnight fame, do your homework, like Pa Irvin Randle did. Then show us the pictures or videos. If it's interesting or something wonderful to behold, bloggers will jump at it and post your pictures or videos on their blogs. You go viral and hit celebrity status right on the head. 

And before you ask, my answer is yes. Be rest assured I'll take my own advice. Soon, you'll be doing more watching than reading.

Cheers everyone. Have a great working week ahead.

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  1. great piece...looks like I'll be visiting more often. cheers!

    1. Thanks Tony. I'll be glad to have you around often.

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  2. am also wowing...


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