Before And After - Stop The Careless Comments

Sample of Comments, from guys especially.

Ayo: The girl no dey natural at all. So so make up

Tarzan: No mind our Nigerian girls. They are not confident in their own skin.

John: Don't mind her. That's how they'll be deceiving us up and down

Mike: See ehn, before I marry any girl, she must follow me go swimming pool. Let the water wash the make up and let's see what is truly there.

Emeka: @Mike, True o. Girls these days, they're falling our hand o. Be deceiving us all the time.

Peter: It looks like she bleached sef. Mtcheww.

Stanley: Hmmm Nigerian girls, bleaching since 1960.

Willy: Why can't our girls be proud in their own skin? Bleach here, bleach there, bleach everywhere. Stupid.

Without the make up, she's still very OK.

While the comments pour in, you go to check their photo galleries. You see Ayo posing with a light skinned girl with make up. Tarzan's girl isn't light skinned, but she wears makeup and he's proud of her. John has no girl. But you see him commenting on pictures of female friend who use makeup "You're beautiful." He comments.

The other guys stay around your area. You see them whenever you go out and through observation you notice they chase after light skin girls MORE than dark skin girls. And with all the make up on the faces of this girls, dark or light skinned, they are even more interested.

Her natural face and make up face is almost the same. Nothing wrong here.

Another girl posts her pictures. Dark skinned, no make up. You see like two or three positive comments from her close friends or siblings. The guys are not there. Maybe they'll support with a few likes. Because unless you're a celebrity or have a certain level of social standing, they are not interested.

This doesn't apply to all men. So to the guys guilty of the above, be truthful. Biko. Most of you are first, attracted to light skin ladies. And yes, you're also first attracted to ladies wearing make up, light or dark. It is how you're created. Men are moved, either positively or negatively,  by what they see. Its no wonder why a media company, some days back, posted a vacancy for only light skinned ladies. 

Social media is full of people who post terrible comments even before thinking. The person you're commenting about actually has feelings you know.  Please stop the careless talks/comments. Don't push our dark skinned sisters to bleach. To those who are already bleaching, biko, its not good for your skin. Don't let such comments make you harm your skin. Some terrible acne you see on ladies' faces are caused by bleaching creams. Don't allow random comments make you bleach.

As for make up, there's only one guy I know that was truthful enough to say he likes make up. And he encourages his wife to use it. So my sisters, please fire down. Make up has never, and will never be a crime in Nigeria. But don't make it too heavy. 

Good morning and have a great day

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  1. its bcoming a normal trend

    1. Unfortunately, yes. It is well. Thanks for stopping by


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