I Don't Believe What You Believe- Does That Mean You Should Treat Me Bad?

The post in this picture got me. It got me because  I'm sad when I see things like this. You have a child, relative, friend or neighbor who is not a Christian, then what? You treat them badly? Let us be frank, even Christians treat themselves badly. Pentecostals criticize Catholics. Catholics criticizes them too. Jehovah's witnesses are criticized, mountain of fire, deeper life, RCCG, Winners etc. If we can't love ourselves, then who will we love? And yet we preach love? You go to service and hear the pastor preaching about another church's ways. You go to the other church, and they are also preaching against another church.

That aside, two years back, I was making small moves to start music lessons for children. I printed my handbills and went about distributing them. Then I came to a church. I won't mention the name. Wednesday service was on. So I asked the security man if I could place the handbills on the windscreen of the cars parked in the parking lot.

"No o, please. Them go quarry me." He said

"But why?" I asked

"They no dey allow make people come dey put advert for people car. They say na disturbance. And this na Church, no be business center. Except you go take permission."

"Its ok. But is there anyone I can talk to? Let me just discuss with the person and see if its possible to get permission."

"You see that man there?" He pointed across the road to the church front. Two men sat there but his fingers pointed at the bigger man. "Ask that man. Na him dey in charge."

The fenced land where the cars were parked is actually separate from the church itself. So I crossed the road and walked towards the open gate where the men sat. Well, I didn't get to the gate, I wasn't even near it before the big man stood up and yelled at me. 

"Will you get out from here? Now! Where do you think you are going?"

I frowned at his behaviour but tried to explain

"I said shut up and get out. You want me to meet you there? I will beat you up. Is that how to dress. Is this your father's house? Get out!"

He stood up and started coming toward me. Well, I didn't want to be beaten, so I pulled back, crossed the road and went back to the parking lot. I looked down at my dressing, what exactly was wrong with it?

Yes, the church is one where make up, earrings, weavons, braids, exposed hair and trouser wearing is not allowed for the female folks. I knew that, so I wore a jeans skirt on loose top. I wore a sandals akpola and carried my natural hair. But I broke three laws, make up, earrings and exposed hair. I didn't tie the hair. But even then, was that enough to be yelled at? And even threatened? What stopped him from being nice and using the opportunity to preach to me? You see, its how we Christians miss it. If I was not a Christian, after such encounter, I won't want to be one. I will simply say, all Christians are rude and wicked.. 

The funny part is, the church belongs to my Uncle; my dad's cousin. And he has never, as far as I know, treated anyone like that. Nothing stopped me from reporting to him. But then, what's the use? I'll only be putting him in the spotlight because the man who yelled at me could turn the church against him, saying 

"Well, even if she's your relative, she broke the rule. Whose side are you on? The church or hers?"

If you visit certain churches with the same rules, they may welcome you in, but the deliverance session that will follow ehn, you'll almost believe you're a witch.

If a guy doesn't believe in religion, Should you treat him bad? Your behavior towards him will either make him believe or not believe.

Christian means Christ like. And Christ never judged anyone, neither did he cast them away from himself. 

To the parents of the guy above, you're about to completely lose your son. Because a time will come when he will move out and never return. Then you'll be the one begging him to.


Happy Sunday everyone