Monalisa Shared a Photo And It Got Me Thinking

By now, almost everyone knows that popular celebrity, Monalisa Chinda, shared a photo from her school days at the University of Port - Harcourt. When I saw the picture, three things popped in my mind.

1. She is not too different from what she is now. I had expected to see a hungry, shabbily looking Monalisa, who then transformed to a beautiful woman after she hit fame and the money started to roll in. Lol. Well, don't blame me. It's common with most celebrities.

2. She has come a long way. From a nobody at school to a celebrity everyone talks about. I tried to imagine the struggles she must have gone through, the obstacles she needed to manoeuvre, her relentless will to hit the spot light. I believe it was a tough struggle, but she didn't back down. She didn't let the circumstances surrounding a lot of us, weigh her down or prevent her from achieving her dreams. 

I thought about my own struggles and how far I've come and I told myself, well, you see her. She was a nobody too. Now she's somebody. Don't quit, Karo. Keep pushing. Seize the opportunities around you that relate to your field. Pray and keep a positive attitude. Surely, God who sees my determination will reward me. The success I need is at hand and I must accept it.

3. There are six people in that picture. Six of them. We know where one is, what about the five? True, not everyone likes fame. Not everyone wants to be a celebrity. But are they successful in their chosen endeavors? Are they making impact in their own part of the world? Or are they still somewhere, planning what they want to be in future?

We all have our own journey in life. Some are quiet journeys, others are loud. Some are slow, others are fast. I don't want to be among those who have accomplished nothing. I don't want to be among those who at middle or old age, are still planning what they want to be in future. The future will see such people and run away. A quote I came across read: "If you wake up without a dream, go back to sleep." I want to add that "if you don't plan to achieve your dreams, then don't bother dreaming at all."

To succeed in life, we must have a dream and work hard towards accomplishing it. Having a dream is one thing, accomplishing it is where the real work lies. So my friends, don't quit, keep pushing. I believe only the best can happen.

Happy weekend everyone