UN: Taking Children To Church Violates Their Human Rights. Seriously?

When I saw the above headline, I already knew what the article would look like before reading it. How will I give birth to a child and not teach him the ways of God? And they call it human rights violation? Since when did children suddenly understand life and know how to make good decisions at an early age? Won't you train up a child first, let him/her understand life, before allowing them take their own decisions?

Seriously, from under what cave did the people making up the said committee come out from? 

See an except from the article: 

The UN Committee report on the rights of children indicated that such things like taking your child to church and schools where they're forced to partake in Christian meetings is violating their human rights.
The document likened teaching kids Christianity to child labor. As learnt, it was complied by a group of 'independent experts of high moral character'. Group members representing various countries demanded of the world to rise against laws enforcing daily acts of Christian worship at schools. ...

And why are they hammering of school worship? Anyway, since they really want to pursue exercising human rights, as regards this, then I might as well:

1. Let the child decide, right from infant stage,  if he/she will take breast milk or eat rice or EBA. They should e allowed to choose their own food.

2. Let the child decide if he/she will wear clothes or not. Walking naked on the street is allowed in some countries. And no, they won't call you mad.

3. Let the child decide if he/she will go to school or not. Learning or development towards a brighter future is not by force.

4. Let the Child decide if he/she will clean up nice or not. He/she could stink or smell nice. Its his right.

5. Let the child decide to read books or not. Learning is not compulsory.

6. Let the child decide to play with dangerous objects or not. They could kill themselves in the process, its all part of exercising their human rights.

7. Let the child make friends with every Tom, Dick and Harry he/she comes across. He could learn all the bad things in the world while the friendship lasts. Its none of my business.

8. Let the child wonder into the bush because he/she wants to go in. I have no right to complain.

9. Let the child eat anything that he/she picks from the ground. He/she is enjoying the power of freedom.

10. Let the child disobey every instruction given, because he/she is exercising human rights

Please add yours.

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