Wickedness Just Got a New Definition.

I came across this post this morning - Nollywood Actor Gets Badly Burned In Fire Stunt Gone Wrong (graphic)

You were on set, filming with your actors and actresses. You needed to act a fire part. The actor due his part but the fire extinguisher didn't work.


1. Why will you go on set without a working fire extinguisher?

2. Why will you go to set without having at least, five fire extinguishers

3. Why are you, Mr. Director, so heartless - you continued filming a man that was burning, for real

4. To the fellow casts and crew members, he was burning, the director kept filming, you looked on. You couldn't quickly look around for a bucket of water? Make that two buckets of water.

Ani burnt this bad before any of you could rescue him? Its a pity. We prefer or jobs and money to human life. 

Mr. Director, Stanlee  Ohikhuare, is on the run, along with the movie producers Kelechi Udegbe and Ugochukwu Azikiwe.

My prayer? 

1. That the actors and actresses who are rallying about to gather his medical fees, succeed

2. That Ani recovers completely - It's Possible

3. That the movie producers and their heartless director are caught and made to face the law.

Actors, actresses, please do not play such roles without first ensuring that there are working fire extinguishers on set, and that someone has your back. Someone who will put out the fire without hesitation and without waiting for it to burn you up.

Best Regards
Karo Oforofuo