My Weight Loss and Weight Gain Story.

Some time in February, I started work officially as an editor with a new magazine publishing company. 

Before the job, I was a little on the robust side. Some friends of mine would always make comments like "I no know where you dey fat go o!" Lol. Then I started working on trimming down. Unfortunately, nothing I did worked. I just kept adding some weight.

So when I started work with the company, my routine changed and aside that, the company office chose a two storey building to sit on. Climbing the high staircase, up in the morning, down in the afternoon when running errands, and up again, then down after closing hours, was one hell of an exercise. Sometimes I could climb up and down like three or four times in one morning, another three or four times in the afternoon too. I thought I was the only one the stairs affected. But whenever we had visitors, they came in panting. Lol. Other staffs sometimes came in panting too, until we all got a little used to it.

 In addition, there was the early morning hustle for public transport; where you find your self struggling with almost everyone in the community just to enter one mini bus. If you can't get in, you simply wait another 30minutes; sometimes less, sometimes more, before another bus arrives. Then the hustle continues.

Then there were other little issues here and there that really bothered me. These issues affected me a lot and it reflected on my appearance. These are issues I can't discuss here.

After the first month, my weight loss journey began. And I was happy. After the second, I lost some more weight. And I was even more happy. But my neighbors started to ask questions. 

"What's happening? You have seriously reduced o! Are you dieting? Are you exercising?" Etc..

By the third month, I was as skinny as skinny can be. The questions changed:

"Are you sick? Hope all is well o? Don't you want to see a doctor?

My clothes no longer fit. Those that I couldn't wear before didn't only start to fit, some even started to hang on me. Even I became worried.

To top it all, I hardly slept. I had to do my best to keep my writing going. So after I got home, I spent the nights, into the early hours if the morning, writing. I hardly had a good sleep.

Anyway, due to certain reasons, I left the company to start another. Well, not leave perse. I just didn't continue my regular routine of work or early morning bus hustling. The staircase climbing stopped and so did half of the worries; at least to a large extent.

The first month after leaving, people still complained about my skinny appearance. I still looked the same. Even my friends yabbed my neck. 

"Is it that you don't eat food anymore?" One of them would ask.

The second month came and left. Still I hadn't been able to put on some weight. I started to get scared that something might actually be wrong me. Why couldn't I add some weight?

I started to eat without control. I ate anything and everything I felt could give me some extra flesh. Sure, I no longer do early morning hustling for buses, as my new work isn't far from me. I no longer climb up a two storey building so many times in a day. I worry less and although my sleeping pattern is almost the same, I take out time some other nights to really rest.

Well, the story is different now. Lol. I am not yet back to what I was. I don't want to. But I have started to add some weight. Now I'm scared, asking myself "is it necessary? Is it worth it? Too much fat isn't good o."

I examined my body in front of the mirror today. If I keep up the gluttony, I might just become a ball. Lol. Now I'm working on a dieting plan. I love my size too much (not skinny, not fat). I'll cry if I lose it and blow all out.


This story reminds me of my economics teacher back at secondary school. He'd always stress in class, the saying "Human Wants Are Insatiable."

So for those of you who want to lose weight, here it is

1. Ensure you work at a company located at the top of a two or three storey building. And use only the stairs, no lift. 

2. Climb the stairs as frequently as you can. (Hehehe).

3.  Allow issues bother you a lot

4. Ensure your bus stop is overflowing with passengers every morning, and be prepared to hustle for a seat in any available bus.

5. Most importantly, ensure you don't sleep at nights. 

With the above, you need no slimming tea, slimming machine, diet or girdle. Your weight loss will come, naturally.

For those who want to gain some weight, please kindly do the opposite of the above listed. It works magic. 

Note: Please take the above advise at your own peril. 


Well, you've all read my weight loss and weight gain story. Now its your turn. What is your lose and gain weight story? Please feel free to share with us, or send it to and it will be posted here. Thanks