NAFDAC Admonishes Nigerian Youths Against The Use of Illegal Drugs.

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The use of illegal drugs regularly has become a norm, especially among students of secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

On Sunday, August 14, 2016, the Kwara state coordinator of the agency, Mrs Roseline Ajayi issued the warning while taking questions from newsmen in Illorin.

According to her, the harmful effects of drugs on youths cannot be overemphasized. She said that the agency it's stepping up efforts in the awareness campaign about the dangers of illicit drugs.

Wondering what these drugs might be? Heroin, cocaine, codeine, Indian hemp among others.

I once had brilliant friends in secondary school. They all had bright futures, no doubt. But as soon as we stepped into Uni, that was the end.

They got involved with bad gangs who introduced them to drugs, cultism and armed robbery.

As I write this, one managed to graduate with a poor result, one dropped out of school. I have no idea where the other two are, neither do I know what has become of them.

The one common thing I noticed in these friends was that their productivity reduced to almost zero.

The friends aside. Back in secondary school, I had a teacher who ran mad. Cause? Drugs; at least that was what we heard from the lips of some of the other teachers. And this particular teacher was extremely brilliant before his unfortunate situation.

So yes, Mrs. Roseline Ajayi knew what she was talking about when she said "Not only do these drugs impede productivity in youths, some of the side effects include dementia and mental disorder."

A word they say, is enough for the wise.