The Missing Car - By Onuoha Fay Clair

 A loud knock on her door woke her up. With a faint sigh, she ignored it and nestled deeper into her blanket, hoping that the person would go away. However, the knocking persisted so she scrambled to her feet and unlocked the door.

She was greeted by the teary face of her neighbour, Aisha. Amina and Aisha have been neighbours since their first year in the University. Aisha was a party freak, fashionista and very indecisive. Her moto was, “get high, get down and enjoy life to the fullest.” Of course, money was never her problem as her father was a business mogul who rolled out large sums to keep her happy.

Whenever she came knocking on Amina's door, it was for one gossip or the other, or to drag her neighbor to another party. Well this time around, she was shooting at the top of her voice, “I can't find my car anywhere, it has been stolen!”

“Good morning to you too, Aisha,” Amina answered calmly.

She looked down the hostel corridor and saw that the other occupants had come out of their rooms. Obviously, tension and fear filled the air as they whispered among themselves. Never had there been an incident of theft in the hostel.

“When was the last time you saw your car?” the hostel President addressed Aisha.

She regarded him for some time before she barked, “I drove into this compound and made sure I locked up properly before retiring for the night.”

By then, the alarmed occupants started rushing out of the hostel to check if their power generating sets and other valuables that were outside were still in tact. It was in the midst of the commotion that the security guard was alerted. He shook his head in disdain after hearing the story.

“She didn't come back with her car last night.”

“You say what?” Aisha retorted.

“Some people dropped you off and told you to pick your car from the club this morning.”

All eyes turned to Aisha and she remembered. She'd been too drunk to drive and her friends offered to take her home saying that she should pick her car the next morning.

It was angry faces that went back into their hostel rooms that morning, leaving Aisha and her fake wolf cry.