They Call Us Dreamers, But We Don't Sleep

We stay awake every night, strategizing on ways to fulfill our dreams. They call us fools because we happen to be so carried away with dreams that seem unreal, dreams that seem so  insane.

We don't rest. We keep pushing. Even when others blow out their candle light at night and hit the pillow for a sound rest, our candles keep burning and our pillows are lonely. We study in earnest, we strategize, we pray. And when the morning comes, we start to execute, all because we see a bigger picture in our future.

Most people choose to enjoy the fun of the now and have a broke future. But a few of us choose to go broke now and accumulate wealth for the future.

We work our fingers to the bones to fulfill our dreams. We do not wait for the government, or our parents, or our friends. Our only tool is the universe, acknowledging our efforts and determination. We dare ourselves to become bigger and better because we alone can give ourselves the life we want.

We believe that we have the power to be, or have, or do whatever we want because the Creator made us creators.

We believe that life is not a bed of roses and even if it were, roses do have thorns. We believe that it's more profitable to live than exist.

We do not wait for opportunities to come our ways; we break rules and protocols to get the opportunities we desire.

We dream dreams and we make them come true.
They call us dreamers but we are the ones who do not sleep.