3 Lessons From Skales' Break Up And Hook Up

Its no longer news that baseline artiste, Skales, is reported to have dumped his one time girl friend, Sasay, for another Ethiopian girl by the name, Leyla Konjo.

From Leyla's instagram account, it is quite clear Skales isn't just her boyfriend. He is her husband. The duo are married.

The picture above shows that the pair were seen hanging out in a club together.

From the two pictures above, you can see that both girls are truly beautiful. But is beauty truly enough to keep a man? Does beauty ensure happiness in a relationship? Why do you think Skales left his girl, Sasay?

Let's look below for a few lessons from this happy(for Leyla)/sad(for Sasay) story.

1. A man loves to have a woman by his side for support when times are rough. But as soon as its good, he then decides the kind of woman that should be by this side. Ladies, as long as he has the money and the fame, you're replaceable. Especially if he is into playing games.

2. Those on bikini and those on clothes are two different categories. Men flirt and have adventures with the bikini wearing babes. But they end up marrying the one that is covered.

3. Relationships with celebrities shouldn't be taken seriously, except you're a celebrity too. This is, so you don't develop a heart attack.

I pray Skales remains with his wife and I pray Sassy moves on. There is always an Adam waiting for his Eve.