4. Reasons Why I Believe Linda Ikeji Wouldn't Accept Laura's Challenge.

Yesterday, Laura Ikeji, Linda Ikeji's kid sister, posted a photo of herself wearing a black bra top. She then tagged her sister on twitter and challenged her to do same.

Laura is into modelling. Linda is into blogging. Blogging takes strength and time. So I'm sure Linda won't accept the challenge because:

1. She is too busy sourcing for new articles

2. She is too busy ensuring her workers do what they're supposed to. (You know how employees can be if left unmonitored)

3. She is too busy pulling in traffic to her blog so that AdSense keeps paying.

Numbers one to three is practically the same. Linda Ikeji is BUSY with business and has no time for her sister's unnecessary games.

Now I'll add number 4

4. Linda is more decent and professional in her dressing, than Laura is.

These are my reasons why I think Linda Ikeji won't do it. But who knows? She might still indulge herself. Human beings are totally unpredictable