A Major Eye Opener From Actress Thelma Okoduwa's Interview With PunchSpice.

Actress and mother of two, Thelma Okoduwa, revealed that she took a break from acting to build her home. She talked about this in a recent interview with PunchSpice.

When asked why she took a break from Nollywood, she said, “After I got married, I felt that my family should come first and I didn’t want to get it wrong. I wanted to be the best mum to my children, and give them the best foundation.”

This above part is where some other women are missing it. You just cannot put your family in second or third place. The original plan since the beginning of creation was to have the mother care for the kids and ensure they imbibe only the right attitude. Unfortunately, times have changed. Economic situations have pushed the female folks to find work. Some are bread winners. That aside, we women have our dreams too. However, it is not a bad idea to find balance between work and family.

I taught in a school once and met students whose parents, especially their mothers, have no time for them. And as such, they are lacking several things.

One teacher, being neighbors with one of her kg 2 student, finds herself taking care of the little boy from sun up till sun down. The parents, being bankers, leave the house at six in the morning and return late at night. By then, the little boy is asleep.

The boy obeys his teacher more than his parents. He listens to her more.

The above is just one case. There are several others. And because of the absence or carelessness of a mother, most times, some kids have been abused severally.

So if you ask me, yes. Thelma Okoduwa made a right decision. Hopefully, when she can find a balance between family and work, she would return.

On how she views Nollywood, she said, “The industry is getting bigger gradually and steadily. It is going on to the next level. Nobody ever imagined that it would be this big. I believe it will be bigger than this soon.”

Of course, Nollywood is getting bigger and better. And we look forward to having you back when the time is right