Brain Triplet - By Tessy Mordi

From the beginning of Man's life, there was born in him, three grown babies. All three have been found to be in various degree in every man's brain, that's why I call them; brain triplet. When they become too grown, they (especially one) could indicate danger. Various theories have been formed to try and understand their origin but its still a mystery because from the lots of research on them, it would be appropriate to say they were not conceived by conception.

What's funny about them is that most men are still unaware of their existence inside them. They barely even know their names. As a result, certain behaviours that they cause have been ascribed to various other things. Though related by birth, they are unrelated in appearance.

Have you been able to guess correctly what they are? Let me help you out with their names; Deja vu, Jamais vu and Presque vu. I guess you didn't see that coming. Here's a brief description of all three. Deja vu is in charge of making you have an odd feeling when you sense you've already experienced something that you know you are doing for the first time. You feel strongly that it has happend before but in reality, it hasn't.

Its sibling is the exact opposite, I mean Jamais vu. It is in charge of making you not recognize or know something that is very familiar. Its English name is 'Never Seen' while that of Deja vu is 'Already seen'. The last of them all, but not the least, is Presque Vu. Its English name is 'Almost seen'. Presque Vu happens when you are unable to remember a word or put your finger on the right word at a time when you really need it. I love its nickname which is 'tip of the tongue'.

Don't you just love these three cuties? They are all within you but don't be scared, just bask in this truth of what you carry in your brains. At least you now know the names of those experiences.