Broken Heart - By Onuoha Fay Claire

   He was perplexed. Jane wasn't picking his calls, neither was she replying his text messages. They had both met the previous day and John had once more, professed his undying love for her. She was quiet most of the time and seemed lost in thoughts. He knew that something was off but couldn't place a finger on it.

However, as John spoke, she saw his heart in his words. She was waiting for a window to tell him, to let him know. But as she stared at his handsome features, she got lost and could only see his lips moving without hearing a sound. The joy in his face as he spoke animatedly about their future was indescribable. That was when she knew.

     She knew that she couldn't bring herself to tell him that she was getting married by weekend. That her parents were marrying her off to a rich man who could make all their problems go away, just by the snap of his little finger.

She couldn't tell him how she tried to stand up for their love and got slapped by her mother. She just couldn't tell him how her parents had accused him of being a shadow of ill luck to the family by being a musician. She would never have the courage to tell him that she tried her best to get away from it all, but she failed.

Now, she sat by her window staring at her phone as his call came in yet again. She let the tears flow freely as she plunged the phone into a bucket of water near the window. She knew that she was never going to be able to tell him.