CRY-GIVING By Tessy Mordi

Check this out: A young lady woke up with food in her mind and was immediately going to cook. But before she had woken up fully, her neighbour had asked to use her stove. What could she do, she agreed and replaced cooking with praying. Given how hungry she was she prayed for a shorter time.

On getting to the cooking spot, she found out her neighbour was using someone else's stove. "thank God' she said, my kerosene will last longer. Just as she put the beans in the pot and placed it on the stove, her neighbour came back to use it. Kerosene was finished in the stove she was using. Chai! She couldn't say no because she had earlier agreed. She watched her drop the pot of beans, while her inside cried.

Is this scenerio familiar? Haven't you felt that way at different points in time when you were asked something that you just had to let go of, yet you wished you didn't have to let go. This is actually called 'CRY-GIVING'. A word I coined myself to explain that point in time when you are crying on the inside but giving outside.

Is it wrong? Should you rather not give at all at those point in time? Personally, I feel its a process in life we all have to undergo. I'll advice; don't stop giving then, rather keep giving till your heart learns to cry no more. This is what Jesus did when He was crucified and He has asked us to do same. There are lots of us facing this battle so I encourage you to keep cry-giving till you start giving without crying.

Happy Sunday


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