“I Love Playing Very Unusual Roles” - Rita Dominic

      Popular actress, Rita Dominic has been commended on her amazing role in latest movie, ’76’ and was interviewed recently where she spoke about her career and her role in the movie, ’76’.

In her words, “I started when I was very young. I grew up acting, and then when I went to further my education, I studied Theater Arts. After school, I
found myself in the industry.”

     On why the ability to show Africa to the world is so important to her, she said, “The parts shown to the world are not necessarily the good parts. We have the television, that can be used to show the Africa that no one sees. We want them to see how beautiful it is, and the beautiful cultures and landscapes we have. We have so many talented people in our country. In the world, there’s good and bad everywhere. It looks like the bad outweighs the good, but we can change that perception.”

Speaking further, “Switching roles between acting and producing is very difficult. It’s very tasking. It’s difficult to switch roles, but I would do it again, especially when it is widely accepted.

When the interviewer asked, "Now that you’ve gotten good on both sides, which would you choose if you had to make a choice?

She replied, "Acting, definitely.”

Rita has been in a steady rise since she ventures into the industry. We're happy for her achievements in Nollywood industry and we wish her the very best in life