Wheelchair-bound Beauty Marries Heartthrob.

Its not everyday we see this kind of love. Its like a scene from Telemundo, only with Nigerian characters.

The truth is, when you truly love a person, nothing else matters. And before you truly love, you must have accessed character and life style.

Lizzy O, also known as the DIY lady has gotten married to her heartthrob, Amen over the weekend.

A Nigerian beauty blogger and photographer based in the United States, Lizzy, who got paralysed due to an accident in 2008 back in the US and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since tied the knot with her boyfriend of eight years.

Amen, the groom, described himself as lucky to have found such a virtuous woman. In his words, “I liked Lizzy when I heard about her, fell in love when I saw her. Now I want to cultivate my love for her forever. Lizzy and I have been dating for over eight years now and it has been one of those growing experiences that keeps getting better with time.

 Lizzy said: “Amen has been everything that 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 describes to me. God made me for Amen, and made him for me. I love my handsome, God-fearing, very smart hot milk chocolate. I am so ready to get married and live the life God has planned for the both of us. I cannot wait to build our life together forever and I’m so glad that I stopped wasting time and listened to everything I was feeling when I felt the confirmation that Amen was the man for me .”

We join their host of friends and well wishers to wish then happy married life and many fruitful years together.