Lessons From 2Face Idibia's Sensational Performance With Tanazanian Star, Vanessa Mdee

2Face Idibia aka 2Baba made the headlines of the Buckwyld N Breathless concert alongside rapper, M.I Abaga. 

The concert which held on 4th of September 2016, saw 2Face Idibia inviting
Tanzanian singer, Vanessa Mdee to join
him on stage in a breathtaking

Vanessa is Tanzania's second most popular music star and definitely, she does have a large fan base. 

2Face is an international sensation on his own. He has gained world wide recognition. But it didn't stop him from inviting Vanessa up stage to sing with him. 

The truth is, no one is an island to himself. A businessman taps into the resources around him in order to succeed. These resources include raw materials, human capital and asserts. So you see, 2face is not just an international sensation, he is a businessman.

1. He may not have had every one in Tanzania as a fan. And definitely, Vanessa has some fans who aren't his. Inviting her to perform with him gave him an edge. Those Vanessa fans who didn't care before will now think differently 'Who is 2Face Idibia? I like the guy.'

So by inviting her on stage, he tapped into her fan base. He added a few more to what he already had.

2. 2Face wasn't the only one doing business, Vanessa was too. Although indirectly. She accepted 2Face's offer and quickly climbed the stage. I can say now that a lot of us Nigerians now know that there's a singer called Vanessa Mdee and she is from Tanzania. I never heard about her till after the news about the concert circulated online. I even had to go browse her out and download some of her songs.

What's the essense of this post? To tell you about a concert? Nope! To tell you about two star musicians? No. Tell you if they sing really nice? No. This post is to get you to think. Who are those people making it big  around you, in your chosen business field? 

Find out who they are

What they do?

And how they do it?

Offer to go into contracts with them or offer to work with them, accepting only a position that ensures your visibility. So the day you walk away, a lot of those who knew you in that business will not find it difficult to also do business with you later on. 

Good morning and have a great day ahead.