Loving Jide - By Onuoha Fay Claire

I had a boyfriend back in the days. We lived far apart and made it a point of duty to visit each other alternately every fortnight. Although we weren't engaged yet, Jide already staked his claim. Besides, I was very beautiful, intelligent, smart and homely enough to be kept. Or so I thought.

At a time, during my school's SUG week, I fell sick. I had to travel home to be properly taken care of since my mother was a nurse and it was a lecture-free week. On arrival, I met or gate locked and I called my Dad to know if they were in town. He said they'd gone on a three-day conference in the capital city and only left the pervious day.

Having nowhere else to stay for the next three days, I opted to go to Jide's place which was two towns away from where my parents stayed. Although it was not yet time for me to visit, I had no other option. I didn't bother calling him as I wanted to surprise him and also, I had a key to his apartment. The journey was hectic and I got to his place at around 10p.m.

Knowing that he worked late sometimes, I slid my key in the key hole but was surprised to find the site already open. I stepped into his sitting room and proceeded to the bedroom to keep my bag.

I was stopped short by moans and muffled cries. My heart started beating wildly in my chest and I had to steady myself before pushing the door open.

Right there on his bed, my greatest fears were confirmed. As he thrust into her, he whispered sweet nothings in her ears.
Blinded by tears, I stealthily closed the door and went into the other room, his library.

That night was hell for me, as I listened to them make love over and over again, oblivious of the fact that they had company. I didn't sleep all through the night, I just couldn't.

Early the next morning, I went into the bedroom with puffy eyes. Looming over their sleeping figures, I totally ignored the lady beside him  and tapped him. As he roused from sleep, his eyes shot up.

“What the...”

“Save it!” I cut him short. “Good morning JD. I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving.”

With that, I made to leave. He scrambled up from the bed, covering himself with the sheets.

“Tolu please wait.”

I continued moving to the sitting room where my bag already was.

“I can explain. Please, it's not as it seemed,” he pleaded further.

I stopped and turned to face him, the pain in my eyes very obvious, the tears threatening to spill.

“How is it Jide? Just tell me.” My voice was hitting the roof by then.

“You brought a girl into your house, you slept with her. It was consensual; you enjoyed it as much as she did. Don't give me that bullshit!” I yelled.

The lady shuffled into the sitting room at that moment in Jide's shirt; a shirt I wore often whenever I was around.

I was tempted to pounce on her and rip her apart, piece by piece but I chose to ignore her.

“Baby who's this?” she asked.

“Oh well, that's more than enough for one morning. Jide please, don't forget to reintroduce yourself, if we ever meet again.”

I picked my bag, dropped his key on the center table, glared at him and stormed out of the house.

I was never going to trust men anymore.