Maheeda Stops Bleaching, Uses Darkening cream

Some weeks back, singer Maheeda announced that she wanted to stop bleaching.

We sure don't know the reason behind her decision, but it was a welcome announcement. It gave us a break from the usual news about another African girl that has Peeled off her skin in the name of trying to look lighter and beautiful.

However, when Maheeda released the photos seen in this post, I wondered. Other readers and her followers wondered too. Her sudden transformation from a light skinned beauty to a gorgeous dark skinned angel is amazing. And it happened within weeks?

I had to ask Google what happened. And Google answered. I got to discover that just as there are bleaching creams, there are darkening creams too. These creams are used both by Africans and whites(those who want to tan their skin). So, for those who did not know, now you know.

Maheeda must have gotten one of such creams and as you all can see, the result is amazing.

Congrats Maheeda, on your decision and action. You're a role model to lots of African ladies right now; teaching them how to embrace their dark skin, our main African identity.

You've taught them to be proud of their skin.