Rita Dominic Is Going To Be A Mother

So its official!!! Star Actress, Rita Dominic, has recently revealed that she's working towards having kids of her own very soon. She revealed this during a Facebook chat with her fans.

 I personally think its a great decision. 

I can totally understand how she feels because I love kids too. When I go out, I can't help but notice those little bundles of joy wrapped up lovingly in their mother's arms. And then I smile and wonder "when will I have mine?"

We are in a time where some people do not feel the need to stay tied to a husband or wife due to certain reasons. It could be out of decision, heartbreak, terrible past experiences etc. If Rita isn't married, its for her own reasons. At least she's doing great for herself. And sure she could have a child of her own through artificial insemination or adoption. Either way, this is great news!

Congrats in advance Rita. I can't wait to see and smile at the little cutie(s).