Talking Silence (Its All In Your Head) - By Tessy Mordi

Have you been in that position of talking to the person you love, but he/she can't hear you? To them, you haven't even said a word, you haven't gotten across.

For a girl in a relationship, she's wondering why her boyfriend is not understanding her, why he can't see
beyond the smiles and slight frowns that there's something not right with her. He is saying and doing everything except what she needs. This even occurs in marriages and have led to series of divorce. Its not just the women this affects, men experience it too.

There are times in our lives when we are screaming inside our head. Our screaming is so loud that we fail to note that no matter how high it gets, nobody else will ever hear. The poor soul we are trying to get through to will keep being lost as to what we need. We all want to be heard but we are silent. All we are saying is just in our head. That's the worst form of communication. We try to blame the other person for being so clueless. Believe me, if only we realize we only need to speak out, then will our needs be met, then our loved ones will understand.

Being quiet over issues that bother us haven't and will never help anyone.
Take baby steps. Don't be silent. Talk and express how you feel but not in your head. Then love will be real and last long.