The Proposal - By Onuoha Fay Claire

Time froze, she was dazed. Was this for real? Her heart leapt with joy. Her body stiffened as if she was freezing from her feet up, her body hairs erect.

“Where had he been all her life as she fooled around with all those miscreants?” There were so many things to remember, but this wasn't the right moment to remember any of them. She was going to savour every bit of this moment.

Her eyelids fluttered shut. Goose pimples spread all over her skin like harmattan wildfire as her face lit up like new year fireworks. Her lips moved incoherently without producing a sound as her heart raced like a speed train on a test-run. She couldn't believe she was doing this after so many years, "Yes, I will marry you!" she screamed.

Just as he was about to slip the seven-carat diamond ring on her finger, she stirred from her slumber. She sighed as she flung the tear-muddled pillow on the floor and picked her phone. Numerous messages and missed calls lined her phone as family and friends were checking on her to know how she was holding up.

The object of her frustration and heartbreak just plagued her dreams, giving her false hopes once more.