Victorious - By Onuoha Day Claire

The teeming crowd cheered wildly as Jumoke stepped onto the podium. Her face radiated extreme joy as she bent slightly to speak into the microphone. The crowd fell silent for a moment.

“Great Abhals!!!” she hailed into the microphone.

Wild cheers erupted once more. She was delighted because the people were happy and willing to let her serve them. Moreover, the victory didn't come on a platter of gold for her.

It had not been easy for her. Justice had been squashed for the past five decades and every previous attempt to get a Messiah into power was rudely aborted by declaring the presidential elections inconclusive.

She, of course, was among the few voices of reasons that were threatened and even imprisoned when they wouldn't join the corrupt band wagon. But from jail, her campaign continued waxing strong. After serving her jail term, she had laid low, whilst garnering her 'righteous' forces.

It wasn't easy during the elections. They were short on resources and the ruling party had promised them a staggering amount to withdraw from the elections. But she had declined the offer. They had stood strong and sweated it out and the people voted the incumbent dictator out.

It was a breath of fresh air to every pair of lungs in Abhal. They were willing to follow a new leader.

As she scanned the thousands of faces chanting her name in the Obama square that night, she saw hope and a will to never give up. She wasn't going to let them down, ever.