Your Teenage Child Did This. What Will You Do?

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I picked this from a radio show and the responses were really hilarious. I want to read your own answers. So here, let's go.

Your fifteen years old son or daughter is going to school. You escort him/her to the bus stop where he/she enters the school bus. The bus moves while you go back home, to work or wherever it is you need to be. Later that morning, you're relaxing and listening to news on the radio when you hear that the school bus had an accident on the way and no one survived. You do not believe. You rush down to the school to confirm. Its true.

You're in mourning already. A good samaritan manages to get you home. Family and friends have started to call. You already miss your child. You cry, rembering all the good and bad times. Thoughts of burial already running through the minds of the people around you.

 But later that evening, your child comes home. You're shocked. Every one is too. You confirm he/she is the real deal, not a ghost. You asked

"But how?"

 The response is, he/she got down from the bus after you left. He/she says he/she went to spend the day with a girlfriend/boyfriend.

"How old is your girlfriend/boyfriend?" You ask.

"29?" Comes the response

As the parent of the child, what will you do?