An Affair With The Neighbor - By Onuoha Fay

“I'm done doing this with you, or you. If you can't respect yourselves and deal with this issue as two full grown adults that you are, I'll leave,” she paused, letting her eyes roam from her husband, Brad, to his friend, Rodney.

They were standing in the driveway of Brad's and Alexx's house. By then, neighbours had either stepped out on their porches or were peeping from their windows. Brad's eyes shot daggers at Rodney while the latter had a hooded smile playing on his lips. Alexx was exasperated. She closed her eyes and let the tears fall freely as she hugged her baby tightly to her chest.

She had cheated on Brad with Rodney, Brad's friend and their next door neighbour, and their affair produced the baby boy. She was just coming back from the hospital after delivering the baby and Brad, already a father of two, was spitting fire that the baby would not be housed under his roof and Rodney wanted his baby anywhere but near Brad.

Both men had been at each other's throats since Brad discovered that she had been sleeping with Rodney and that she was pregnant for him. There and then, Alexx knew that giving the child to Rodney would be the worst mistake of her life but then, she couldn't nurse him in Brad's house.

She sure was very confused and disoriented about what to do. One thing she wasn't confused about however, was that anyone that wanted to take away her baby from her or as much as try to harm him, would not do so without a fight.