Attend The Entrepreneurial Passion BookAttend The Entrepreneurial Passion Book Launch With The Ooni of Ife And Many Others For FREE

We are thrilled and pleased to announce the launch of High Chief Nathaniel Adesiyakan’s new book titled The Entrepreneurial Passion and the Monster of Corruption. We would like you to attend the launch.

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The launch is taking place at Odundun Town Hall, Ile-Oluji, Ondo State on Friday the 18th of November from 11am.

The launch will be a big and beneficial one as the Author and organizer will be reading from his book and there will be a Q&A session open to all.

Other Guests of honor includes His imperial majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (The Ooni of Ife), Funke Opeke, MD/CEO of MAinOne cable and many others. You can register to participate for Free by clicking here.

The book talks about entrepreneurship and corruption as seen through the eyes of High Chief Adesiyakan.

“It dissects the nature of the link between economic development actors and corrupt individuals.  Although some of these individuals may lay claim to being entrepreneurs in their business activities, there is a clear moral distinction between them and the true entrepreneurs. The corrupt, by their immoral acts, devalue their contribution and demean their character while the true entrepreneurs add value to society and enhance their stature.” Professor Lawrence A. Adeokun of Ibadan stated on the book’s foreword.

“An innovation in the book is the addition of short profiles of iconic and non-controversial entrepreneurs who have graced the Nigerian business arena.  The profiles summarize what separates the ethical entrepreneurs from the predatory business people who employ corruption as a tool of facilitating their transactions to the detriment of the development of the nation.” He added.

In 1972, High Chief Nathaniel Adesiyakan took a bold plunge into the slippery terrain of entrepreneurship with the establishment of Translatic Nig. Ltd., Apapa, a clearing and forwarding concern and later added Nat food Industries, Ikeja and Nat Engineering Company, Ile-Oluji. He has once been described as "a hero that sees the difficulties and advantages of great enterprises" and it is that bitter-sweet experience that formed the kernel of this book. He is the Odunwo of Ile-Oluji Kingdom.