Chidinma Okeke Had A Cucumber. So?

Yes. You read right. So? You want her arrested? You want her dead? You want her beaten to a pulp? What about ritualists, rapists, kidnapers, fraudster s etc walking the streets as free mnd and woman? The set hurt other people, Chidinma hurt herself and her family. Is that enough to hang her?

Chindinma Okeke has been under fire since the release of her sex videos. No, I haven't watched them. No, I won't watch them. What's the point? So I can join the people laughing at her? Or insulting her, or calling for her arrest and persecution?

Chindinma made a terrible mistake; one that will live with her for her entire life. She will always be addressed as the cucumber queen or the cucumber slut. Her modeling career is down the drain. Her self-esteem is gone. Isn't that enough?

TV stations, radio stations, blogs, websites, social media pages, magazines and newspapers have aired/posted one thing after the other concerning this issue. Some people pretending to want to help her, just so they can catch some fame as humanitarians, have also posted.

Biko, leave the girl alone. She has enough to deal with already. I am almost sure she was told/deceived into saying the video was Photoshoped. But who cares? She was scared and wanted things under control. Unfortunately, she hasn't been given the opportunity to really say what went down. And like a few matured minds have pointed out, she may have been under the influence of something.

I remember when I was fresh out of Uni. I was offered webcam modeling jobs. I told myself I don't have the body for modelling. Why then was I being considered for it? I did my research and wala! Webcam models are the ones in porn videos and so on.

Wait. I wasn't the only one getting such invitations. And true, the amount promised was mouth watering. It is easy for someone with no self control to fall into such. Some girls accepted the job. The worse part is that those into it are among the ones calling for Chidinma's arrest, lynching, killing and what have you.

Before the video, she is human. Before the video she has feelings. The way this issue has blown out is enough for her to attempt suicide. Then the public will say, 'see her. Na kill she go kill herself. Instead of her to bear the heat and come out strong."

How can she be strong when you're not giving her a chance to be?

Anyway, I woke up to read that she has been granted asylum far away. I am happy the country's name was not mentioned. She can't be traced. I am hoping she will expose those who blackmailed her and those who set her up(if it was a set up). If it wasn't a set up, at least she will be far from those who want her dead and she will have time to heal.

It is the best news I've read about this issue and that is why I was happy to write this post.

These are the words of Victor Ibeh on Facebook:

“Well, Chidinma Okeke has been granted asylum in another country. That is at least a good one for her. What some people didn’t know is that about 1.8 million Naira had already left her before these videos were released.
Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2016”

“Damage control is very important. Chidinma shouldn’t have started up with the photoshop rubbish.
It would have been easier for us to understand that she under the influence of juvenile excesses. Telling us that it was photoshop was like insulting our combined intelligence.”

“It might interest you to also know that Chidinma’s videos were made long before she became a beauty Queen and she never knew she was going to be a beauty queen. The videos are much more than ten and it was all about money. The blackmailers were bent on milking her dry.”

I googled the news and it turns out to be true.

Wherever you are, Chichi. Hold your head up. Be strong and come out of this in one piece.