A misconception about how God works in various ways has taken over our churches. Christians have sat back, waiting for God to jump from heaven and give, provide or take their hands through one way or the other, but he won’t because he’s provided his word and his spirit in our heart to teach us all things.

God is not going to do everything for us. If we sit back thinking all will be well without working, then we are not exercising our faith because if our faith is truly not dead then it should produce good works as Apostle James said.
Romans 10:17 says “so then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. This implies that to get our faith moving we need to keep hearing the word of God. Therefore if you sit back waiting for a supernatural kind of faith without God’s word then you will wait forever because His Word by which we are birth is what we live by to produce fruits and good works. Christianity is based on God’s Word.

One of the many things God will not do for us which I’ll briefly tell us about is “putting our body under”, “managing our body”, “Mortifying the deeds of the body” and “crucifying the flesh”. Many Christians have chosen to believe that when they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, the lusts of the flesh in them should die immediately, but this isn’t so.
2 Cor. 5v17 clearly states that when you accept Jesus Christ, he has given us a new life, making us a new creature cause old things has passed away. When we accept Jesus it’s our spirit that is born again not our body, because it’s in our spirit our real self is, embedded inside a case called the body.

Paul the great apostle clearly said in his letter to Thessalonians,

“…that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in passion of lust, like the gentiles who do not know God” (NKJV) - 1Thessalonians 4v4-5
The words underlined “possess” and “vessel” literally means “control or manage” and “body” respectively. God is not going to do that for us. It’s our responsibility. Apostle Paul stated that each of us should know how to control, manage, posses, put under our vessel or body. He never said God will help you to do that or God has already done it. Managing our body is our business.

Let’s see something again, in Paul’s letter to the Galatians,
“…and those who belong to Christ Jesus (the messiah) have crucified the flesh  (the godless human nature) with his passions and appetite and desires.” (AMP) –Galatians 5v24

The phrase, “those who belong to Christ Jesus” indicates those that has accepted Christ and the life of Christ dwells in them. Again, the bible says it’s our duty by the Spirit to crucify the flesh with its affection and lust not God’s responsibility. It didn’t say Christ has helped his children crucify their flesh with its affection and lust, it says his children have crucified it. The more we think it’s God’s own to do the more this godless human nature takes over us and the bible says it produces nothing but death.

“But clothe yourself with the lord Jesus Christ (the messiah), and make no provision for (indulging) the flesh (put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature) to (gratify its) desires (lusts)” (AMP) –Romans 13v14
Our Father of faith is again telling us to put on Jesus, this is a specific instructions to us. It’s in our hand to either make provision or not to for the works of the flesh. Ephesians 4:22, urges us to do same by putting off our former conducts, the old man that grows corrupt, verse 24 says put on the new man…v27 says we shouldn’t give the devil a place. All of these are our duty. Not in any of the passages did God say it will be his responsibility. If crucifying the flesh with its affection and lusts is God’s responsibility then Paul wouldn’t have told us to “put on”.

We must understand something that when we are a part of Gods family, our body never agrees to its cause it still wants to manifest its desires and pleasures, that’s why we are urged to put it off and put on Jesus Christ.
It’s our duty to let the spirit of Christ which we receive when we accepted him influence our body through our soul (Romans 8:13). Gods business is to give us the life of Christ which he has already done but the influence of the crucified old man will still disagree with our decision to choose God, so, we must continually put it off. Paul said” I die daily”, because the flesh continually wars against the spirit. As Gods children we must learn how to put our body under or manage every desires of the flesh that arises any time. We are not ignorant of the devils devices so we know when he’s plotting those plans to manifest the flesh in us.

You’ve neglected your duty of crucifying the flesh thinking God should literally help you do it, yes he will, but you must let his spirit inside you affect your body.

“..Always carrying about in the body the dying of the lord Jesus that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body” (NKJV) -2Corinthians 4v10
If you refuse to let his life in you manifest in your body then you will still be slave to sin and its lusts which he has actually delivered you from. You can see it’s possible to carry Gods spirit and the fleshy lust will still try to manifest itself, it’s because we don’t allow it influence our body through our soul. It’s our duty not Gods to crucify the flesh with its affection and lust. You have his spirit in you when you believed and accepted him.

If you’re finding it difficult to crucify the flesh with its affection and lust or you’ve been falling over and over again in the same lusts and desires of the flesh, I’ll briefly tell about a few of what the bible says we should do

Watch what you like or what you cannot do without
“All things are lawful for me but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any” (NKJV) -1Corinthians 6v12

The devil most times uses what you like or cannot do without to let you do his work. Be careful and let nothing control you. Whatever controls you become your master. You are meant to take dominion and enjoy every benefit in life not life enjoying you. Life enjoys you when you cannot do without spending hours on social media a day, when you ignore church programs for football match, when you use your tithes and offerings for other means aside what it was meant for. Let nothing take over your life but Christ in you.

Determine in your heart you want to let go off whatever acts of the flesh
It will continue to be very difficult to let go off those lustful desires if you don’t have a change of thought within you. If you haven’t decided in your mind then you’ll never change. Miracle won’t just happen if you don’t change in your mind. Our soul is composed of our thoughts, will and emotions. That struggle you still have with the godless human nature is because it’s still in charge of your soul, so you must first break free from the inside before any manifestation occurs outside. If you’re not determined you want to change then it’ll continue to manifest through you. Proverbs 4v23, Watch your thoughts!
I’ll like to include the purification of our mind under this concept, Romans 12v2 says we must renew our mind to avoid ourselves from looking like the world. If we continue to keep those thought inside our mind then we will continually dwell in it.

Trust God for help and meditate on his word. You must understand you can’t by your own ability conquer this acts of the flesh. Philippians 2v13 tells us that its God that helps us to do his will and pleasures, so, you must not ignore his help. It’s your duty to crucify the flesh with its affection and lust yet you need his help to execute your duty. Never lean on your own understanding. Seek Gods help and ways you can crucify whatever desires of the devil that attempt to overtake you.

The devil is very wise in himself, he has an advantage of time and knowledge over you, but you have the Spirit of Christ that has existed before began which is enough to let him flee. He knows he’s been defeated and Christ has defeated those things you’re struggling with, but he doesn’t want you to see it. We must come to this knowledge through Gods word. The devil hasn’t changed strategy since the beginning, his one and only strategy is “Deceit”. He tries not to let you see things the way they truly are, he deceived Eve that the fruit was good for her, he knows how God sees and he doesn’t want you to see same way. Read and meditate on God’s word, fill your mind with it and you’ll be free from the crucifixion of the flesh against you.
Never play at the edge of temptation
Your spirit is born again not your body, but let you spirit affect your body as we read in 2Corinthians 4v10.Never have the intention that you can take care of any temptation and lusts of the flesh so you can play around it. If you seek to conquer the habit of smoking don’t try staying around people who smoke, if you want to quit drinking then don’t visit the drinking place or places that can trigger it. Give no room for the devil. Desires of the flesh are one of the easiest fleshy acts the devil can use to buy anyone to his kingdom. He makes certain things look normal in your eye, he wraps dirt with a golden wrapper.

Turn a new leaf and let Christ live through you and in you. Abide in Christ and Christ in you. Walk in the spirit and you’ll never fulfill its lust sand desires. Nothing can control you unless you give it the opportunity. God absolutely own your life and you must live it for him and to him alone.

Conclusion: Romans 6:6, 11-14. Know and reckon that your old nature has been crucified with Christ, never allow its influences rule over you any longer, don’t give room for sin to rule in your mortal body making you obey its lust. Yield yourself totally to God as those that are alive and have a life. Sin shall not have dominion over you.

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