What happens when two desperate mothers try to hook up their children? Sure, they say its just for four days. But we all know a lot can happen in four days.

At first when Dirim's mum mention setting up a date for Dirim during her sister's marriage, so as to quell talks and questions about her loveless life from relations and friends, Dirim frowns at the idea.

Yes, her sister was getting married to her ex. So? Why did she have to look for a pretense date? More men, more trouble. She wasn't interested and she made it known.

"But what about Chichi?” her mother persuaded.

Dear God, no. Dirim thought about banging her head against the table, because honestly, the pain would be less. “Mom, no.”

“Why not? He’s smart, comfortable and funny?”

And his name was Chichi. He was the son of her mother’s best friend. The two women had been doing their best to fix up their kids for years. Dirim had resisted with all her might. The last time she’d seen Chichi, he and his mum had been visiting Asaba. He’d been maybe sixteen or seventeen and smart enough that he was already in the University. Tall, skinny, with too-short pants, thick-black rimmed glasses and a way of peering at her as if she were an uninteresting form of a bug. They’d had nothing to say to each other.

"Most of the time I’m willing to take one for the team. But I’m not interested in Chichi,” she said firmly. “I’d rather deal with the awkward questions.” No one was desperate enough for Chichi – certainly not her.


But what happens when years later, Chichi is now Dubem, one of the most attractive and eligible bachelors in town? All the girls want him, including women old enough to be his grandmother. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a good memory of Dirim either. As teenagers, she was mean and a bully. However, when his mom suggests to him to be Dirim's date for the wedding, he refuses.

“But she’s such a nice girl.”

Never words to make a single man’s heart beat faster, he thought grimly. “Dirim and I don’t get along.”

Granted, it had been a lot of years ago, but he remembered that hot afternoon clearly. His mother had insisted he come along with her to her best friend’s home. He’d agreed and regretted the decision the second Dirim had looked at him, then sighed with obvious disappointment.

Dirim had been optionated, only interested in the football match she was watching and obviously contemptuous of him. Sure, he’d been a nerd and awkward and he’d never communicated well with others. But she’d been difficult and unfriendly. She’d also threatened to beat him up. At the time, she probably could have.

"Things could be different now,” his mother said. “She’s lovely.”


It took some persuading to get the pair together for the weekend. They soon discover that despite their previous dislike of each other as kids, they are now very attracted to each other.

And so ensues hilarity as Dubem and Dirim wade through the waters of crazy aunts, drunken parents sharing too much information, drama queen bride, former flames and falling in love.

Book Details

Title: Dirim's Man

Author: Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator

Category: Romance

E-Book Store: Okadabooks


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