Does Pastor Anita's New Name Attachment Mean Anything?

Pastor Anita, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s ex-wife, has begun to address herself as 'Anita Ebhodaghe',  after their widely publicized divorce.

All of a sudden, a new name has
materialized and everyone is wondering if she has remarried.

The rumours, which were sparked by her recent post titled, 'A Simple
Prayer', was signed by 'Anita Ebhodaghe' on her official
Facebook page.

There was also an approved comment on her official website which states that a ceremony indeed took place.

Another report has it that the name is
simply a homage to her mother as she is of Nigerian and Swiss parentage and that her new name recognizes both her father and mother’s surnames.

She has not given an official statement about the new name. Therefore, we're keeping our fingers crossed till then.

Either ways, we're wishing Pastor Anita all the very best.