Dr. Chuks, The Phone Call and The Deceased - Onuoha Fay Claire

"Hello, Good afternoon Doctor. Please, can you come to the hospital right now? I know it's break time for you but you really need to be here now. There's an emergency."

"Mr. Receptionist," he said mockingly,
"I have asked you not to call my line once it's break time; from 1 p.m to 3 p.m everyday no matter what. How many times do I have to tell you that?  The patient should meet the my assistant."

"But Doctor, you can handle this case best plea..."

My phone beeped as the line went dead. I tried calling Dr. Chuks several  times but he wouldn't pick up his call.

A beautiful young lady who had blood gushing out from her mouth, ears and nostrils was just brought to the accident and emergency ward. It was obvious she had internal bleeding somewhere in her brain. She needed to be operated on at that point in time.

Dr. Frank, who was Dr. Chuks' assistant, was new in the field and hadn't much experience. The lady's condition was so critical that it needed an experienced doctor's attention. Frank had no option but to go in for the surgery.

The fair lady was taken to the theatre for the surgery; the doctor and other assisting nurses tried but couldn't save the lady.

"We did our best but we lost her, madam" Dr. Frank said.

Tears rolled uncontrollably down Mrs. Alex pretty face. The deceased, Mrs. Chuks, was her old friend. They were going to take lunch to Dr. Chuks, her husband, first, then go out to have a nice time after what seemed like eternity that they haven't seen each other.

It was 4:15 p.m, Dr. Chuks just stepped into his office and called his wife the umpteenth time. Her line still was unavailable. She hadn't even replied his text.

Just then, a nurse got him a form that contained the deceased patient's data.

"Mrs. Ifeoma Chukwu, married to Dr. Chris Chukwu...," he read.

"Jesus Christ!" he shouted; it was his wife.

He dropped his glasses on his table and ran towards the hospital's mortuary. Hell, then, was let loose on him.