Key To My Heart By TM David West.

Key To My Heart is the love story of Patti and Isidore.

To every door there is indeed a key.

Patti has no patience for city-bred folks. Matter of fact, she can't stand them, particularly when they are male, cocky and show the merest interest in her.

She is a woman whose past marriage experience and love life, left her determined never to let any man into her life, not even if the best of men should try. For five years Patti's plan to be Independent; needing no love or attention from a man, suceeded, until the new city doctor walked into their small town.

Isidore does not understand why a not-so-pretty Farm girl can be so insolent. Yet, his heart could not resist the urge to chase her and have her as his. With many hurdles to climb, he set off into loving a woman whom he discovered had every right to hate men, but not enough excuse to make good men like him suffer unjustly.

TM David-West did a wonderful job in painting each picture. You don't just read it, you feel it the story, like its your own.

The story is not a quick read, but it is an interesting one that brings life to the saying 'We actively or passively determine the events in our lives, as long as there is a key'.

So get ready to ponder, laugh learn and scream, as you get into the world of Patti and Isidore. If you have had your heart shut for good reasons, with this romance story, I believe you will believe in love again. True love exist, don't let the sour experiences you've previously had steal it away from you.

Title: Key To My Heart

Author: TM David-West

Category: Romance

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