“My Break Up With Toke Nearly Ruined My Business” – Maje Ayida

The breakup between Toke Makinwa and Make Ayide was something huge. The media was agog with drama for days. Toke's fans bashed Maje and Maje's supporters returned the favour.

But wait, let us look at this well. Between Toke and Maje, who is more popular? Who has more fans? As human beings, which party easily pulls in sympathy and support? Yes, the answer is Toke.

So when her ex husband, Maje Ayida, opened up recently in an interview on how his break up nearly affected his business, I wasn't too surprised. If only he had been faithful, his marriage would still be on. And if only Toke had....... Definitely, I don't think one party alone is to be blamed for what happened. What if Toke had pushed him to the wall with nagging and all sorts of drama?

I'm asking because when asked what lessons he learnt from the experience, Maje said:

“I learnt that people could be vicious. People could be judgmental when they know nothing about you or anything about your story. Hold on to the people that know you. They are the ones that matter.”

 Before the above statement, he had these to say about her.

“...She is a great person. She is going to keep flying and she is going to soar because that is how great she is.”

He may not be willing to get married again, but he sounds like he still loves her. Unfortunately, Heart break and break up are really terrible experiences. Some people never overcome it.

So whatever happens, I wish both of them only the best as they move on with their lives.