My Wedding - By Onuoha Fay Claire

I'm getting married today. I picked the wedding date; the day when our parents wouldn't be around to hurry us up, a market day. Our plans for the wedding are small but well mapped out. He is in charge of the cake and drinks while I'll see to the food.

The venue is my father's spacious sitting room. My younger sister is my bridesmaid while his best friend is his bestman. It's almost noon and all our friends are here, the music coming from my father's juke box is so blissful and heavenly.

Thank God my elder brother is not here to put an end to this wedding. He has been against the relationship. My friend is in charge of serving the guests, I can see her moving around with the 50cl bottle of coke for the toast. She serves efficiently; not much and not little too. I wonder how she will serve the plate of jollof rice, my breakfast, which I had reserved for the wedding; maybe a spoon each. And the meat? She will reserve that for the VIPs. I am happy everything is moving well.

The guests ate their buns(cake) without grudges, some had even requested for extra, but the two balls of buns couldn't go round a second time.

On this day, I wedded my Cousin.