Nigerian Comedian Breaks World Record With 48 Hours Stand-Up Comedy

     Gandoki has broken world record with a two-day live comedy show.
The comedian’s feat has seen him break the previous world record held by David Scott, a U.S. comedian.

In 2013, Scott performed the longest
individual stand-up comedy show of all times, setting a Guinness World Record of 40 hours, 8 minutes.

     As it stands, Nigeria’s Gandoki is now the longest performing stand-up comedian in the world. He concluded the feat on October 1, after starting the stand-up comedy set on Thursday, September 29.

He prepared 600 topics to make jokes on, in order to break the previous record.

“Gandoki did it! 48 hours of live stand-up comedy, Guinness book of world records,” said Ali Baba, veteran comedian.

     The Exclusive Mansion Hotel, Oniru, Lagos, was the venue used by Gandoki for the record-breaking endeavour.

While announcing his intention to break Scott’s record, Gandoki had said,
“I’m doing this to showcase Nigeria to the world and also show our strength and resilience as a country in spite of the present economic situation. I’m also doing this for the Niger Delta
people because I am from that part of the country and I want people to know that we are not a violent people. It will inspire many young people to believe in their ability and be the best in all areas of their endeavours. With my
kind of comedy, hopefully, I will set a new Guinness World Record.”

And he did it! We say a very big congratulations to Gandoki, the newest addition to the Guinness book of world records.