Oga Titus - By Onuoha Day Claire

Oga Titus was synonymous with trouble. He breeds trouble wherever he goes; trouble is not farfetched from him.

He was a junior secondary drop out. No one knew anything about him although he claimed to be an 'unfortunate orphan'. He picked pockets and snatched handbags for a living.

One unlucky day, he snatched a handbag and as he made to dash across the busy road, he was knocked down by an oncoming vehicle.

He was picked and handed over to the police by people around. The police in turn, placed him under guard in a hospital as he broke his right leg in the accident.

One lucky night, he convinced the policeman placed beside his bed in the ward that he was going to urinate. He went into the toilet while the policeman stood guard outside the door. After waiting for over thirty minutes, the policeman broke into the toilet to discover that he had escaped through the window.

Somewhere in town that night, Titus bumped into a man that was coming out from a restaurant and apologized.
As he left, he smiled to himself. Not only was he richer, he was also free as air.