“Rahama Sadau’s Expulsion From Kannywood Is Logical” – Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu, popularly known by the media as “King of Kannywood” is in full support of the recent expulsion of actress Rahama Sadau from Kannywood, calling it logical, as he believes she violated the codes and
ethics of Kannywood.

Rahama was banned by MOPPAN, a
coalition of associations that set rules
and regulations governing the conduct of actors and actresses, as well as
production of movies in northern
Nigeria, on account of her featuring in a 4 minute 19 seconds romantic musical video by singer, ClassiQ.

In an interview with Daily Trust, Nuhu
said, “I think that the ban is logical. She belongs to Kannywood, started her career here and has violated the ethics and code of conduct of Kannywood by holding hands and falling on the guy’s back.”

The actor has however advised that the censoring body in future, needs to take caution before reaching a decision on matters such as this, noting that the ban is on the extreme as a lesser punishment would have sufficed.

“I don’t think she should be banned.
Maybe a suspension. I would advise that in the future when things like this happen, they should deliberate amongst themselves and maybe, call in a few others in the industry before making it public.  People do things in an organization and are suspended or given queries. But these organizations won’t go to the media to announce it. It was blown out of proportion,” Ali explained.