RESPONSIBILITY - (A Great Deal In Shaping Life) By Olamide Solomon Francis

Life is worthless when everyone refuses to play his or her own role in it.There would be no change in the world if there are no changed human beings. Taking absolute responsibility of our life and everything that surrounds it makes life a vital vehicle worth boarding. A man that refuses to take responsibility of himself becomes the liability the society will get rid of.

Responsibility is a great deal. It is the required fuel to propel us to that pinnacle of our dreams .Bernard Shaw said "We are made wise not by the collection of our past but by the responsibility for our future. When we take responsibility for our self it creates hunger to accomplish our dreams. The bible says only a diligent man will stand before kings and not mere men, but, it takes a man who has taken full responsibility of himself and action.

No one has the power to control your life except you instruct or give it to them to do so.You’re absolutely responsible for every choices you make. Even in the Garden of Eden, the devil didn't pull Eve to the tree with force, stuffed the fruit in her mouth with force and even threaten her to swallow it.He never did that, it was absolutely Eve's choice to take, eat and even invite her husband to have a share out of it. Our lives and direction it tends to is strictly in our hands. The steering wheel is with us, thats why we must be careful where we steer it to. Its a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you made it by yourself and with your hands.

Freedom is the will to be responsible for ourselves. TVA said "the crave for independence is a sign of self-dependence. You must be able to say,” I did it”,” it was my choice that led to this result”, I will not run away from it, I will fix it.You take it because its your choice.

Albert Einstein said Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will - his personal responsibility. There is no excuse for our failure, even if theres one, we are responsible for it.When you blame someone you give up the power to change.

The more we take responsibility for our self the more we grow and the more we expect more from life, the more we don't take anything life brings anyhow because we've added a great deal of responsibility to our life.

Its good to be the best but being the best version of yourself is better. Responsibility will help you through the rough road, it would energize you to do more because you'll have to answer before anyone that ask questions about it.You will have to be bold or timid to answer for every of your actions and decisions. You own your life. Steer it to a perfect destination. Abraham Lincoln once said "you can't escape tomorrow problem by evading it today. If Jesus joked with his responsibility on this planet no one would know he ever existed. Be Responsible for yourself and by yourself.

Sept 2016.