SELF RELIANCE - Olamide Francis

Self-reliance is the best capital in the world, self-depreciation is a crime. You must know that there is a genius inside of you, a voice waiting to be heard and a lion finding its roaring ability. You can do absolutely anything you believe you can. Imitating others might not work for you, as we all have our different configuration. Originality is the best substitute for advertising. Do not imitate, it sometimes leads to limitation and futility. You must take responsibility for yourself, I mean responsibility expected of you.

Responsibility is a great power developer. Don’t let fear weigh you down. The greatest enemy of achievement are fear, doubts and vacillation. In addition, you must dream whatever you want to become. Almost anyone can resolve to do great things, it’s only the strong determine character that put the resolve into execution. Self-reliance is been able to maintain one’s self with or without aid. As individuals, let’s learn to rely on our abilities. In addition, building our self on strong believe and determination is paramount. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself, have faith in your own abilities to do things along original lines. If there’s anything in you self-reliance will bring it out.

Olamide Francis is from the
Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology
Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta
Head of NSEC Communication and Outreach Committee

Olamide Francis is a Nigerian. He is a writer, student, humanitarian, teacher and preacher. He is currently working on a book aimed at addressing the abnormalities in masturbation among Youths and teenagers. He likes to get his job done irrespective of the resources available.