She Played Men For Money, Until She Started Down The Ladder

Title: Karma

Author: Gerald Chukwu

Format: Ebook

Published on:

She played men for money, until she started down the ladder.

Gerald Chukwu's Karma is simply amazing. The storyline, the twist of events and suspense are so real and yet, unbelievable.

Kamar is focused on Amaka, a beautiful lady from a poor background. Wanting only the best things and comfort, she lived life to the fullest in all the wrongest of ways. She used her beauty to get whatever she wanted, not caring who got affected in the process. She wasn't ready for love, yet she played men into thinking she loved them. She played them, drained them and deserted them.

After having thwarted destinies without any iota of conscience, forgetting that no one knows tomorrow, her deeds caught up with her when she became desperately in need. She fell into the wrong hands and she was beaten mercilessly in her own game

Indeed karma is real. Amaka met the consequences of her evil in a grand style. She never thought that things would turn around so swiftly.

The beauty of this book lies in its suspense. You think you know where its heading, but as you continue to flip the pages, you will be taken aback at how beautiful Gerald's thoughts can go. The writer rewarded Amaka beautifully.

This book will leave you thinking, judging, hating, loving and almost in tears. But in the end, you will be full of smiles and left with bundles of lessons. I enjoyed every page.

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