Stories Not Told - By kizito Martins

With stories not told, Kizito simply tries to describe various sad happenings going on in our society today. From the common issues of bad roads, our ineffective government agencies, and narrowed down to different family crisis. He is able to make us understand that nobody but our very own self is to blame for most part of the problems. Our insensitivity is doing more harm to us than good.

Kizito has opened our eyes to this sad reality. A lot of people out there are going through one problem or the other. What we should do is find a way to be of help, rather than being unlawful judges. Be of help, ease the burden, nobody is without a role.

Many times we come in contact  with a boy, girl, man or woman with perhaps a badly injured soul and broken heart, but most especially with a mouth too heavy to talk. Try to look beyond their pretence and see their untold stories.

Stories Not Told - Different stories, same message.

Title: Stories Not Told

Author: Kizito Martins

Category: Non-fiction

"Stories Not Told" is a compilation of ten flash fictions, ten totally different story but with one center message, one voice, and one focus.

From the "Talking Drum" which awakens us to the fact that we all have a quiet story we do not read out loud, or do not want others to know of, or one which we cannot handle but have to pretend that we can.

Kizito Martins, skillfully and tactically drags us into the life of every of his characters, their stories, their dilemmas and their wars.

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