You can never judge how long an elastic material is until in undergoes stretching. Many things cannot be measured by its mere appearance unless its subjected to test.How effective a medicine or cure can be is not measured by its look or composition. It is known by testing it.Most times, by testing it other functions a cure is capable of are known. A warrior is a man who has been to the battle front and came back victorious.

You dont know who you really are and what youre capable of until you stretch yourself. Muscles are built at the gym, your capacity and development in life are built by stretching. No man knows the limit he can reach until he gets involve in whatever activity.

A King once called for the young men in his kingdom, he promised his daughter hand in marriage to any man that can swim across a certain river. This river was a river full of crocodiles and other wild aquatic animals. While the King was making this fearful announcement, some of the young men began to take their leave. Suddenly, a young man was seen inside this dangerous river swimming as fast as he could, he swarmed until he got to the other side of the river. When he swarmed to the other end, he shouted in annoyance who pushed me? This man did not know he had it in him, he believed it was impossible for any man to swim in that river but when he was stretched beyond his power, and he suddenly did the impossible. Many of us are like that, if we are not stretched beyond our limit we will live with lies that certain things are impossible for us to achieve.

Our most difficult challenges are still staring at you because you have refused to stretch yourself beyond your presumed limit. There are many obstacles on your way to success but you must not let yourself be one of it. The impossible is only possible when its given an extra try. The impossible is no longer akin to possible because it has been stretched beyond the possible limit.

Stretching doesn't kill, it brings out the real tells the actual person you are. It darkens your presumed perspective and gives light to the actual you.

No matter what's set before you, if you look well, they are only plateaus they are never limit. Limit is a barrier, it doesn't change anything. Anything that improves you cannot be called a limit. Stretching helps to build you. You never can tell what you're capable of until you're stretched beyond your limit.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. If you sit back with a victim mentality you'll never achieve anything.

Sadio Mane broke the fastest hat trick record in the Premier league while playing at Southampton Fc. After the first half he was told that "do you know you just broke the record of the fastest hat trick in the English premier league? His answer was "Did I?. If a seer has told him before the game that he would achieve such feat, he might have disagreed. After concentration and much stretching, he made the former impossible possible.

You're more than that timid, lazy failure they call you. You can be rebranded and all you need is an extra push. Everyone can be standing but you can stand out. If they're breaking grounds you can break through.

Never think you cannot do it. No player scores a goal from the bench unless he's involved in the game. Your perspective must change if you must be the change .Only “extra” differentiate “ordinary” and “extra ordinary .Don't just manage, go the extra mile. There are coast to reach and enlarge. Never settle for less or what the norms prefer, there is a lot to explore.

The king inside you does not deserve to lie sleeping, it seeks to work in you. If you don't give it an extra push it sleeps again. Success starts at extra mile and every mile covered is an aggregate of steps.

You should never accept the available as preferable, go extra mile with extra speed if needed. Never limit yourself. The common saying says "the sky is the limit" but they're foot prints on the moon.

When you stretch yourself, you are not just doing yourself a good, but you are opening pathways and showing others that impossible has an expiring date. Others might have been conformed to the truth that their limitations and barriers in life is a sign that they've come to their best.

You help others around you when you give yourself an extra push. Stretching increases your capacity. Its never crowded along the extra mile. Not too many people are seen there. Competitors are few or not available.

The extra mile is reached by stretching. You become valuable and of great importance when you are treading the extra mile. Your organization or people around you cannot imagine life without you because you make the extra they're yearning for. Perhaps the growth your organization needs is from you when you stretch yourself beyond others.

Stretching yourself beyond limit is not an easy task but it makes subsequent tasks easy if you accept to give yourself that extra push. Theres a seed of greatness in you. Stretching will help it germinate. You can't afford to stop now, because you are almost there. The stretching beyond others is all you need to hit the gusher. Youve come a long way to breakdown at that point you are. You have grounds to cover, it is yours to cover and no one will do it for you.

The man science assumed to have made use of his brains most didn't even use up to half of it, yet he was a genius. The remaining proportion, I believe can be used. Only elastic materials can have a limit where they can no longer be stretched but when you keep working above the norms, you improve every day. That place you are can't really be your best. You get to see your best when you stretch beyond your norms. Dont manage or settle for less. Dont embrace all that comes your way, some of those things needs little effort to bear good results. Youre a success not a failure, Victor not a victim or vanquish. Live out who you are. Thats not your real value, only when you stretch yourself you can have a much more price tag. Stretch your limit and you will update the dictionary of impossibility.


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